Our vision & mission

Apna Haq’s work for black and minority ethnic (BME) women who have experienced violence against women and girls (VAWG) is driven by our vision, aim and values.

Our vision:

All women from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities live their lives free from all forms of violence.

Our aim:

To provide culturally appropriate support to women and their children facing issues of violence in their lives, based on holistic recovery and creating a platform for these voices to be heard, working alongside communities and agencies in eliminating these abuses.

This includes:

  • Quality, holistic provision: To ensure that BME women and their children receive services which are appropriate to their needs and are treated with sensitivity, respect, dignity that enable them to live in safety. To ensure that BME women and their children who have experienced issues of violence in their lives are aided towards achieving a better quality of life, through support, advocacy, information, training and community enterprise.
  • Empowerment: To support women to recover fully from their experiences of violence and create opportunity for survivors to explore their potential.
  • Prevention and improved responses: To raise awareness of BME women’s experiences of VAWG and support more appropriate service and community responses through the provision of training to professionals and community members.
  • Voice: To ensure the voices across the full diversity of BME women are heard.
  • Good governance and staff development: To develop BME women’s leadership skills and opportunities through the continuation of a service led and staffed by and for BME women.
  • Learning and improving: To maintain effective and ethical monitoring and evaluation systems that enable us to articulate our specialism and be engaged in continuous improvement.
  • Sustainability: To ensure Apna Haq receives sustainable levels of funding.
  • Communications: To ensure Apna Haq’s full range of services and specialisms is known and respected amongst ex-, current and potential service users, funders and stakeholders.

Our values: