Consultations and evaluations

Below you will find evidence from consultations and evaluations we have conducted to further improve and better our work with black and minority ethnic (BME) women who are experiencing violence.

Apna Haq Evaluation 2016

In 2016, we undertook a series of consultations to inform an evaluation of the impact of our work. This included receiving feedback from other violence against BME women agencies, and individuals that had engaged with Apna Haq in one way or another. Along with staff and directors, we looked at our current financial situation and the best way forward for service users in exiting Apna Haq services.

Download the evaluation

Evidence for Equality Impact Assessment

In 2015, we provided written submissions for the Equality Impact Assessment of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s decision to award the contract for Floating Support Service for BME Women Experiencing Domestic Abuse to a non-BME provider.

Download the evidence submission